Our Team

Our personnel have long-standing experience in counter-insurgency and security in unstable and conflict-ridden states from Africa to the Middle East. Our operatives are the best in their class: veterans of Delta Force, Navy Seal, US Army Special Forces (Green Beret), US Army Rangers, British SAS and Israeli Special Forces. By functioning as a truly learning-driven organization, Blacksand Group remains unrivaled when it comes to succeeding in exceedingly difficult and complex anti-terrorism operations.

Abraham Golan, CEO

Over twenty years experience as a Counter-Terrorist Advisor and Instructor to military special forces units in some of the most hostile environments, such as; Somalia, Niger, Iraq, Kurdistan, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sierre Leone, Mali, and the Sahel region.  His experience and insight gained in the Force Protection arena has led him to be the top security and protection provider to some of the world’s top Fortune 100 companies and executives with an emphasis in Africa and the Middle East in the oil, gas and mining industries. His experience:

  • Former senior advisor to the Chairman of the Board of the largest uranium development company in the world.
  • Former military advisor of a major leader in the Middle East
  • Former Vice President (12 yrs) for Maghreb and West Africa Operations at the Camerone Military Service (CMS)
  • Former CMS General Manager for operations in Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger.
  • Security Advisor to New African Global Energy (New Age) in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Don Feeney, COO

Over 40 years experience in combatting terrorism worldwide in the military and private sector.

  • Founding member of 1st SFOD-Delta, the US Army’s elite Delta Force and the 1st 75th Ranger Battalion as well as served with the 5th Special Forces Group (Green Beret).
  • 26 years - President and CEO of Corporate Training Unlimited, Inc. (CTU), an international security consulting and management firm providing specialized security service and training worldwide.
    • Counter Terrorism Operations & Training
    • Executive Protection Services & Training
    • Defensive & Evasive Driving Training
    • 2003-2011 – Iraq, managed numerous DOD contracts

Judy Feeney, Sr. Vice President of Operations

28 years in Security and Risk Management working with international corporations to identify and assess threats as well as planning and coordination of Risk Mitigation Programs for Asset and Physical Protection, Crisis Management and Incident Command. Instructor to Local and Federal Agencies and various US Corporations in aseas of: Hostage Survival, Defense and Evasive Driving, Terrorism Awareness, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance.

Participated in multiple hostage rescue missions around the world assisting in planning, logistics and actual missions in austere environments such as; Bogata, Colombia, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Guatamala, and North Africa.

Mark Bridges, Director West Africa Operatons

Mark began his Special Operations career as a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Squad Leader. This experience led him to multiple positions and assignments throughout the world where he applied his skills in Force Protection and Protective Security Operations for the Department of Defense in such areas as Kosovo, the Syrian border, Kuwait and Iraq. While in Iraq, Mark served in various capacities ranging from Security Manager, where he planned, developed and implemented security procedures in coordination with government agencies and managementpersonnel to PSD Detail Leader, where he was responsible for the personal security and protection of clients during vehicular movements, special events, and other special situations. Mark was personally selected to lead the protection team for the Honorable Raouf Abdel-Rahman; the judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death by hanging.

Mark B. maintains a current United States Department of Defense Secret Clearance.

Chris Short, Director Nigeria Operations

Colonel US Army Special Forces (Retired). Defense executive, mentor and advisor. National security leader with Pentagon, Baghdad and Kabul experience. In-depth knowledge of Defense Community counterterrorism and counterinsurgency requirements and programs. Proven ability to lead, mentor and advise programs and produce results in high-impact assignments. Broad intellectual, Mideast and Africa perspective.

Robbie Van Kampen, Director Asian Operations

Robbie is a versatile and adaptable senior leader with over 30 years experience in the military and corporate sector. His military experience began specialising in surveillance and reconnaissance and expanded to include training, project and personnel management and command. Retiring as a Colonel in the Australian Army, Robbie commanded surveillance and reconnaissance troops from Troop to Regimental level and has twice been seconded to the United Nations as a Military Observer and Peace Keeper in the Middle East and as Deputy Force Commander of the peacekeeping forces in Timor Leste. He is a graduate of both the Royal Military College Duntroon, Australia and the Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, United States. Since retiring from the military, Robbie has held several key positions at the CEO and Executive Director level in a wide range of private and Government sectors including: acquisition and construction, Local Government, change management, NGO's, mining and exploration drilling services, and security specialist services.

Bryan Reed, U.S. Operations Manager

Bryan has over 12 years experience in communication, design, and organizational management. He has assisted in the development and launch of many start up companies as well as built and executed campaigns for many established companies. He specializes in organizational flow, team building, and administrative protocol. As Director over our U.S. Operations, Bryan has successfully instituted policies and proceedures that have increased the productivity of the office and advanced our operational support for other Blacksand offices.